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Long range planning and the biotech pitchdeck

Paul Giese Jun 19, 2018 6:37:25 PM
Paul Giese

Bruce Booth, a partner at Atlas Ventures, has a great article for biotech entrepreneurs preparing a pitch deck. Tip 7 addresses preparing a long range plan with likely liquidity paths for potential investors and shareholders. Below I comment on how intheBlk's Long Range Planning (LRP tool) can help you prepare this portion of your pitch deck:

  1. The development timeline maps out key inflection points,  and the associated costs to get there - understanding the timing and costs with getting to your next inflection point, and investment rounds, is critical for knowing how much investment will get you to a liquidity event. intheBlk's LRP interface makes mapping development timelines and reviewing cost estimates simple, ensuring that the scientific story matches the financial story.intheBlk software | the biotech accountant | long range planning | revenue recognition
  2. The interface is built around quarterly financials - an LRP is a high level tool. As stated in the article, no one expects a granular line-by-line budget that is fully accurate.  Instead, the exercise is meant to give a high level idea of whether your plan is financially reasonable. intheBlk's LRP is built with this high-level view in mind.
  3. Build a base, upside and downside scenario with associated risks and liquidity events - no one can tell the future. What if your lead program fails? What if all your programs work? A thoughtful model with planned risks and resources of these scenarios and the associated financial impact will ensure you are prepared for an unknown future. 
intheBlk software | the biotech accountant | long range planning | revenue recognition

Change program timelines at the click of a button.

The science should be front and center in a biotech pitch deck. But your plan needs to have a high-level financial foundation to become a success. intheBlk's LRP takes the stress away from building a financial model so you can focus on the science and the story behind your next big idea.

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