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Chart of Account change report | NetSuite

Paul Giese Mar 4, 2019 5:30:00 AM
Paul Giese

Once a biotech company is public, controls are put into place to ensure compliance with financial regulations. System controls are a big feature why an mid-sized ERP, like NetSuite, is used by publicly-traded companies. An example automated control that should be in place is a report showing all changes to a company's chart of accounts. With NetSuite, this can be built using the Saved Search functionality. In this blog post, I will take you step-by-step on how to build this.

Navigate to a new search and selecting the 'System Note' option. NetSuite tracks changes to any record and displays this information in a sub-tab labelled System Information (see screenshot below). Changes tracked include the user who made the change, the date the change happened, how the user made the change, and the old and new value. 

Knowing and understanding this functionality will help users review and audit activity for any financial record in NetSuite, including accounts, invoices, vendor bills, and vendor payments. In my experience, this feature is helpful when something looks off or you do not understand why something was done the way it was done.

System Information screenshot-2


With a System Note saved search, we can query that data. For our chart of account change report, we will select the following Record Types: Account, Department, and Class. Be sure to include any custom Record Types in your NetSuite environment. Also, add a filter for the period we want to be included in the report. In the example below, we include the prior quarter.

COA system criteria blurred


To set up automated distribution of the report each quarter, navigate to the 'Email' sub-tab. We have several options for distribution timing. Also select the users who should receive the report. For SOX compliance, someone would sign-off on the report after reviewing each change.

COA report final


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